Georgian Gov’t issues ID cards to simplify Visa Liberalisation

Currently 953, 228 adult Georgian citizens have EICs., 29 Jan 2014 - 18:52, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Government is continuing to issue new identity documents to make it easier for Georgians to travel to EU countries.

The Ministry of Justice are continuing to roll out the Visa liberalisation process.

The Ministry said issuing free Identification Documents (IDs) and Electronic Identity Cards (EICs) will also ensure election lists are relevant and up-to-date ahead of the next election planned for spring this year.

From January 24 to Feb 24, free IDs will be issued to Georgian citizens aged 17 to 21 and all former inmates. These residents will also get an EIC.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs believed the EIC database will make regulating and monitoring migration easier. The regulation of migration is one of the most important conditions for visa liberalisation.

Currently 953, 228 adult Georgian citizens have EICs.

The EIC is a government-issued identity card for online and offline identification