Georgia is technically ready to introduce e-voting, says Justice Minister

Justice Minister of Georgia speaks about chances of introducing electronic voting system in the future. Photo by, 10 Nov 2016 - 15:39, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani claims the country is "absolutely ready” to introduce an electronic voting (e-voting) system if Parliament of Georgia and the general public accept the innovation. 

Tsulukiani stressed today the Ministry of Justice had carried out specific studies last year that proved the country’s executive Government was "technologically well-prepared” for e-voting; a type of vote which is done through an electronic system.

From a cyber-security point of view we are also capable to host e-voting. However to introduce the system, law amendments are required and what’s most important, the people of Georgia should accept and have trust in the new system,” Tsulukiani said. 

Electronic voting takes root from the 1960s with the use of punched card systems. It is typically easier and more convenient that the more traditional style of voting where a person must visit a polling station.

More modern systems of e-voting include electronic machines in polling stations operated by buttons or touchscreens which connect to a central database. 

Countries that use e-voting includes America, Brazil, Belgium, Estonia, the Philippines, India and more. 

The term e-voting also includes online voting where voters can cast their ballot from any computer using a secure ID.