Georgia celebrates Armed Forces Day

The sacrifices made by Georgian servicemen are being recognised today and the country marks Georgian Armed Forces Day. Photo by Georgian Defence Ministry', 30 Apr 2016 - 11:34, Tbilisi,Georgia

Today is a historic date for Georgia. The country is today celebrating Armed Forces Day.

The sacrifices made by Georgian service members are being recognised today by their family and friends, officials and the wider community.

Today marked the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Georgian Armed Forces (GAF).

Photo by the Georgian Defence Ministry's press office

As part of the celebration, a folk music concert was held for Georgian soldiers earlier this week. The Georgian-Ossetian ensemble Nartebi performed folk songs and dances for hundreds of service members at the Vaziani Military Base near Tbilisi.

Photo by the Georgian Defence Ministry's press office

However a major part of the celebration was scheduled for May 4, after the Easter holidays end in Georgia. Georgia and the rest of the Orthodox world celebrate Easter on May 1 this year.

On May 4 several events will be held around the country to recognise all current and past military representatives who served their country either in battle or behind the scenes.

In December 1990, the National Guard was established according to a Resolution of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia. On April 24, 1991, Georgia’s Cabinet Ministers issued a decree to recruit the country’s youth for compulsory military service. Conscription into the Army officially launched on April 30 of that year.