Army Card: Special debit cards offer discounts to Georgian military servants

A girl takes a picture of Georgian soldiers at the Independence Day celebration in Tbilisi on May 26, 2014. Photo by N. Alavidze/, 04 May 2016 - 16:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

Employees of Georgia’s Defence Ministry will soon enjoy a special salary card – Army Card – which will give them discounts on many products and services.

This will be the state and society’s way to say thank you to Georgian soldiers for their service.

Today the Defence Ministry and one of the country’s leading commercial banks signed a memorandum which will see special Army Cards be designed for Defence Ministry employees and their spouses.

The Army Card was specially designed for for Defence Ministry employees and their spouses. Photo by the Defence Ministry. 

The Army Card will be a debit plastic card where card holders will have their salaries added.

The card will let holders receive special discounts in 25 companies, including food outlets, supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, household goods stores, fitness and wellbeing centres, cultural and educational institutions.

The Ministry said the 25 companies had volunteered to cooperate with the Ministry and the number of companies involved in the project would increase over time.

"Every day our soldiers should feel that all segments of society stand by their side,” Defence Minister Tinatin Khidasheli said as she signed the memorandum.
"The Georgian Army shouldn’t be concerned of only the Georgian Government but the entire society should take care of it.”
"We have created the Army Card to say "thank you for your service” to our military servants.”

Khidasheli said these type of campaigns helped soldiers provide for their families while they were busy serving the country.

The Ministry said similar cards were planned to be created for military servants’ children. It will be called Army Junior cards and these will offer special discounts at entertainment and educational institutions.