PM Kvirikashvili: We want to ensure society’s maximal engagement in decision-making

Today Giorgi Kvirikashvili held his first Governmental meeting in the role of Georgia's Prime Minister., 30 Dec 2015 - 15:33, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s new Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili seeks society’s "maximal engagement” in the process of making important decisions.

Today the Georgian Cabinet held its first meeting with Kvirikashvili in the role of Prime Minister.

The new PM and Cabinet were confirmed by Parliament last night.

At today’s governmental meeting Kvirikashvili said he was eager to see society’s engagement in policy-making.

He said he would soon start meeting different groups of society to hear their thoughts regarding various important topics.

"We will begin holding meetings with representatives of different groups of society in the nearest future,” Kvirikashvili said.
"I would like to ask Business Ombudsman Giorgi Gakharia to organise a meeting with business representatives in the nearest future. I want the meeting to be attended not only by major business owners but new faces too. There are a lot of new entrepreneurs and businessmen and I want to meet them.”

The PM said the next meeting would be with representatives of non-governmental organisations.

"I will listen to their ideas of how to make our work more efficient and transparent,” Kvirikashvili said.

The Cabinet discussed 38 issues as today’s Governmental meeting.