Georgian film’s success in Latvia

Latvians said Tangerines was one of the best movies they had seen, and brought tears and smile at the same time., 06 Feb 2014 - 12:03, Tbilisi,Georgia

The premiere of an award-winning Georgian-Estonian film was held in an overcrowded cinema hall in Latvia yesterday.

The special screening of the film, titled  Tangerines, was made possible by the Georgian and Estonian Embassies in Latvia, and attended by Latvian Government representatives, diplomatic corps, journalists, film critics, students and members of Georgian and Estonian diaspora.

The special screening of the film was held in the Latvian capital, Riga.

The plot behind the film is located in an Estonian village in Abkhazia during the war-time in the 1990s. Two villagers, an old man Ivo and his neighbour Markus are the only ones left in the neighbourhood. Markus wants to harvest his tangerine plantation, but Ivo is against cropping during wartime.

As the War approaches and a conflict takes place before their eyes, Ivo finds two survivors on the battlefield - a wounded Caucasian man and a wounded Georgian. The tangerine harvesters now must resolve their own war which is developing under their roof with enemies from both sides.

Film directors Zaza Urushadze and Ivo Felt addressed the audience before the screening began. They shortly introduced the history of the movie’s creation.

A welcoming speech was also delivered by Georgian Ambassador in Latvia Teimuraz Janjalia and Estonian Ambassador Mati Vaarman. The diplomats thanked guests for their interest in the unique film.

Tangerines was greatly received by the Latvian and wider community, and the premiere was held in a full cinema hall.

Some guests said Tangerines was one of the best movies they had seen, and brought tears and smile at the same time and allowed them to think about human values.

The film was awarded Best Director and Audience Award at the 29th Warsaw Festival and received second prize at the 14th Tbilisi International Festival.

The film was supported by the Latvian media and ahead of the premiere, two local television channels interviewed director Urushadze and Ambassador Janjalia to promote the film.

Watch the film trailer below: