Georgia proud of its sportive achievements

Georgian fans supporting their rugby team; Photo by N. Alavidze /, 17 Dec 2014 - 19:05, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia has had an incredibly successful 2013-14 year in the sporting arena and the country of less than five million gained 12 World and 21 European Champion titles. 

Today the authorities summed up its sporting achievements of the past two years.

During this period the country had five World Champions in arm wrestling. They were:

  • 1.Imeda Chincharauli (left)
  • 2.Levan Saginashvili (left)
  • 3.Levan Saginashvili (right)
  • 4.Aleksi Pretsuashvili (right)
  • 5.Gela Arabuli (right)

Four World Champions in Sambo (martial art). They were:

  • 1.Vakhtang Chidrashvili (57kg)
  • 2.Levan Nakhutsrishvili (68kg)
  • 3.Genadi Chirgadze (52kg)
  • 4.Vakhtang Chidrashvili (57kg)

One World Champion in karate:

  • 1.Gogita Arkania (84kg)

One World Champion in judo:

  • 1.Avtandil Chrikishvili (81kg)

Furthermore, the Georgian national judo team received a gold medal and were named World Champions after the team results were announced.

Meanwhile, in the past two years five Georgian judokas became European Champions. They were:

  • 1.Amiran Papinashvili (60kg)
  • 2.Lasha Shavdatuashvili (66kg)
  • 3.Avtandil Chrikishvili (81kg) (twice)
  • 4.Varlam Liparteliani (90)

Alongside the individual medals, Georgia received a gold medal in the team results as well.

Georgia also had three European Champions arm wrestlers. They were:

  • 1.Aleksi Abutidze (right)
  • 2.Jambul Vibliani (right)
  • 3.Vilen Gabrava (left)

The country also had three European Champions in freestyle wrestling:

  • 1.Giorgi Edisherashvili (55kg)
  • 2.Davit Marsagishvili (84kg)
  • 3.Vladimer Khinchegashvili (52)

Three European Champions in Sumo:

  • 1.Levan Berianidze (115kg)
  • 2.Avtandil Tsertsvadze (openweight)
  • 3.Giorgi Mehsvildishvili (openweight)

Two European Champions in Sambo:

  • 1.Vakhtang Chidrashvili (57kg)
  • 2.Davit Loriashvili (100kg)

One European Champion in Karate:

  • 1.Andrei Zinchenko (70kg)

In addition, the Georgian national rugby team won the European Nations Cup in 2013 and again in 2014.

Meanwhile, Avtandil Chrikishvili’s gold medal at the 2014 Judo World Championship marked the first time since 2007 when a Georgian athlete became World Champion in an Olympic sport.

In addition to these achievements in 2013-2014, Georgia continued its preparations for hosting the European Youth Olympic Festival - the biggest multi-sport event in Europe, with 49 participating countries and about 1,000 athletes aged between 14-18 years with their coaches.

The country will spend about 25 million GEL preparing and hosting this event, which will take place in Tbilisi from July 26 until August 1.

Building of a number of high-level sport complexes in Tbilisi will be finished by spring.

Georgia's Ministry of Sports said the facilities would give the country an opportunity to host different international tournaments including World and European Championships in swimming, tennis, judo, volley-ball, track and field, basketball and gymnastics.