Georgian film Blind Dates recognised at European film festival

Georgian movie Blind Dates won the Blue Star award for best screenplay at CIDEDAYS 2014, in Macedonia., 27 Nov 2014 - 16:35, Tbilisi,Georgia

A Georgian movie is continuing to gain success around the globe, after receiving a top award at the International European Film Festival CINEDAYS 2014.

Levan Koguashvili’s film Blind Dates won the Blue Star award for best screenplay at CIDEDAYS 2014, which was in Macedonia from November 13-22.

Since its release in September 2014, Blind Dates has won numerous awards at leading international film festivals, including Best Feature Film 2014 at the KINO Film Festival in Switzerland, a top award of the Federal Foreign Office and the top prize at the 12th annual Zagreb Film Festival.

The International European Film Festival CINEDAYS offered visitors the chance to see the latest European film achievements directed by fresh and thriving filmmakers, organisers said. The festival promoted European cultural values and traditions, and put key emphasis on the European cinematographic heritage, development and nurturing of cinematic culture in general.

Blind Dates is Koguashvilis’s second film where he takes a light-hearted, gentle look at relationships and the fear of making commitments.

He tells his tale through main protagonist Sandro, a teacher and confirmed bachelor who spends his time flirting online. He enjoyed the simplicity of not committing but things all change when he falls in love with Manana.

Each year, films in the CINEDAYS program were separated into several categories; Competitive program, Gala program, Cine Balkan program, Musical documentaries, Cinema for the Youngest, Short films and numerous cinema related workshops.

Watch the trailer of the Blind Dates below: