NATO states will undergo military training in Georgia

NATO-Georgian Training and Evaluation Center will train Georgian and NATO state soldiers., 17 Oct 2014 - 12:09, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed NATO member states will undergo military training in Georgia.

Conducting joint military exercises with NATO member states in Georgia would be another deterrent against growing Russian aggression, said Georgian Defence Minister Irakli Alasania on IMEDI TV last night.

When discussing the NATO-Georgian package adopted at the September NATO Summit in Wales, Alasania said one of the components of the package was to establish a NATO-Georgian Training and Evaluation Center where NATO forces and partner countries could train.

"This will be a joint centre but at the same time [it will be a place where] the military infrastructure of Georgia’s Defence Ministry and militaries of NATO member and partner states will undergo training,” he said.

The centre will serve as a place where servicemen can be evaluated and gain certification, Alasania said.

"There will be logistical infrastructure of the Armed Forces, which will be created with the help of NATO member states and [this] will contribute to the arrival of the militaries for training, their deployment and their withdrawal from Georgia,” Alasania noted.

The training centre would help the Georgian Armed Forces develop their abilities but it would also act as a deterrent against Russia’s increasing aggression and help provide more stability in the region.

Alasania noted NATO military personnel would come to Georgia periodically and undergo military trainings.

"This will take place regularly [and] naval ships will also enter Georgia. Big, strong NATO member states will conduct trainings with Georgia and this will be another deterrent factor against growing Russian aggression, which has opened up in front of us lately.”

Furthermore, Alasania said an institutional development school would be established and the experience gained in Georgia’s military structures will be shared with other NATO partner countries.

The Minister noted that high-ranking military officers from abroad would be involved in the implementation of the NATO-Georgia package. These people will come to Georgia and supervise the implementation process.

Construction on the new military and training centre in Georgia would begin next year.