Zhvania’s brother speaks out about investigation of late PM’s death

Former Prime Minister's brother says that investigation of Zhvaniaa's death will be finished soon.
Agenda.ge, 10 Oct 2014 - 19:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

The brother of Georgia’s former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, who was found dead in February 2005, has spoken out about the investigation into his brother’s unexplained death.

Giorgi Zhvania today spoke to Georgian media about the progress of the investigation.

"I cannot name the exact date but I am sure the investigation will be finished soon. As for the exhumation, the decision has not been made yet. There is only general discussion but both Georgian and foreign experts should be involved,” said Giorgi Zhvania.

As for the new circumstances of the case, Zhvania said everybody in Georgia had an idea of what the investigators were looking for.

Graphic images showing the dead bodies of the former Prime Minister and the Deputy Governor of Kvemo Kartli region Raul Usupov were leaked on Youtube in March 2014. A video titled"Saakashvili killed Mr. Zurab Zhvania” scrolled through 12 still photos of the bodies and identified a number of possible injuries that could be relevant to the men’s deaths. The video was uploaded from Turkey by a user named Hakim Pasha.

Since then the Georgian Chief Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the photos were authentic. Investigators claimed the leaked photos were discovered in 2012 in the safe of former Chief Prosecutor Murtaz Zodelava.

At the end of September the Chief Prosecutor’s Office announced an exhumation of the bodies of former PM Zhvania and Usupov could help establish the real cause of their death.

Zhvania and Usupov were found dead in a rented apartment in the early morning of February 3, 2005. Zhvania was one of the main contributors to the 2003 Rose Revolution and ally of ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili.

The official cause of the men’s death has not been determined but officials claimed the men died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from a poorly ventilated gas heater.