Parliament Speaker satisfied with quality of elections

Real self-government only comes when people elect their own leaders, Usupashvili said., 17 Jun 2014 - 09:36, Tbilisi,Georgia

The speaker of Georgian Parliament believes Georgia is developing into a true democratic nation and says real self-government only comes when people elect their own leaders.

Speaking on Georgian television Imedi TV last night, Parliament Speaker Davit Usupashvili said he was pleased with Georgia’s increasing quality of elections. He said the fact more than 16,000 candidates participated in the self-government elections on June 15 meant there was strong competition and those who were elected to leadership roles were chosen by the people.

"I am satisfied that we have, for the first time, elected Mayors in self-governing cities and head of the districts (Gamgebeli). I am satisfied that for the first time in Georgia, political pluralism is strengthening and future city councils (Sakrebulo) will be multi-party,” Usupashvili said, adding this meant that interests of the wider population would be reflected in various municipalities.

"I am satisfied that elected bodies will not contain only two parties but various different parties will be represented in every Sakrebulo. This is a step forward and it is not just a fulfilment of the high standard of democracy, but it is very important to properly and adequately reflect the interests of the population in the self-government process,” Usupashvili added.

He said he was also satisfied that candidates representing the Georgian Dream coalition appeared to top the election results in many regions of Georgia, and the majority of the coalition would be ensured in all Sakrebulos.

Usupashvili believed this would help local governments to implement reforms and fulfil promises the Georgian Dream coalition issued during the last elections.