Ruling party official slams President as “radical”, “repeat violator” of constitution

Mdinaradze claimed the President “once again violates the constitution and stirs up radicalism”. Photo: Georgian Dream press office, 13 Feb 2024 - 18:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

Mamuka Mdinaraze, the head of the ruling Georgian Dream party in the Parliament, on Tuesday accused President Salome Zourabichvili of “acting as a member of the radical opposition”, being involved in “repeat violations” of the country’s constitution and in “creating a false narrative” over the newly appointed Prime Minister’s first foreign trip. 

The comment by Mdinaradze, who also serves as the Executive Secretary of GD, came in response to the announcement by the President’s Office earlier during the day, which said Zourabichvili had been invited to, and intended to attend, the Munich Security Conference this month. 

The Government Administration told the press Zourabichvili, who faced an impeachment vote last year for her unauthorised foreign trips, had requested no approval for the visit. 

[Zourabichvili] once again violates the constitution and stirs up radicalism”, Mdinaradze said, in reference to the country’s Constitutional Court in October finding the President at fault of violating constitutional norms with her visits, before an impeachment vote was launched by the ruling party the same month before GD fell short of votes to dismiss her. 

The lawmaker also accused Zourabichvili of alleged engagement in “creating a false narrative” on reasons for the absence of PM Irakli Kobakhidze from the Conference. The party official said the PM had unveiled his plans for visiting Brussels on his first official trip instead. 

Mdinaradze noted the country’s foreign or defence ministers had been represented at such conferences “on a number of occasions”.