Georgia receives international acclaim for diaspora support policies at global migration forum

Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Konstantinidi at the 14th Summit of the Global Forum on Migration and Development. Photo: GFMD, 26 Jan 2024 - 12:17, Tbilisi,Georgia

International organisations have commended Georgia's state policy towards the diaspora and programmes supporting young expats at the 14th Summit of the Global Forum on Migration and Development in Geneva this week, the Georgian foreign office said on Friday. 

Led by Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimer Konstantinidi, the Georgian delegation participated in the Summit held between Tuesday and Thursday and themed “from environmental concerns to cultural aspects of migration: adopting an inclusive approach to meet the challenges and increases the opportunities for human mobility”. 

Giorgi Jashi, the Executive Secretary of the Government Commission on Migration Issues, also represented Georgia at the global forum, the Ministry noted. 

The Georgian delegation shared the Government's current policies, ongoing initiatives and future plans during a dedicated round table on diaspora issues, discussing the role of diaspora in sustainable development.

International partners at the event praised Georgia's state policies and programmes, specifically those supporting young diasporas and enhancing their involvement in national development”, the Ministry stressed. 

In his remarks, Konstantinidi highlighted the effectiveness of his body’s programme for young compatriots living abroad, entitled Become a Young Ambassador of Your Country, and elaborated on the broader Government policy supporting the diaspora during a “high-level” working session on Multilevel Governance.

He further emphasised Georgia's commitment to promoting diaspora participation in the national development agenda, citing constitutional and national strategy support.

The Georgian delegation also stressed the active involvement of various Government agencies, the Parliament’s Diaspora Relations Committee and diaspora organisations, noting the entities “actively contribute” to ongoing Government programmes aimed at supporting the diaspora and aligning with priorities defined by the state strategy.