Georgian institutions receive fuel-efficient cars purchased with grant from Japanese Government

Head of the United Airports of Georgia, TAV Georgia General Manager, Japanese Ambassador to Georgia and Georgian Deputy Economy Minister. Photo: Ministry of Economy, 02 Mar 2023 - 13:09, Tbilisi,Georgia

Three Georgian institutions will receive four fuel-efficient cars purchased with a grant from the Japanese Government, after the vehicles were handed over in an occasion at Tbilisi International Airport on Thursday.

The Ministry of Economy said the vehicles would be handed to the United Airports of Georgia - the airports’ authority of the country - as well as the Ministry of Economy and the Ilia State University in the capital.

Introduced as part of a project for the promotion of clean energy, the vehicles represent the second stage of the initiative, after the first phase saw installation of solar panels at the Airport in 2016.

Deputy Economy Minister Mariam Kvrivishvili thanked the Japanese Government for supporting adoption of green energy in the Georgia’s airline sector.

We welcome the use of green energy in the airline and tourism industries. This is especially noticeable at the Tbilisi Airport, where solar panels were installed with the help of the Japanese Government. With the same grant, we have now been donated energy-efficient vehicles [...] By introducing green transport, we will significantly reduce emission of greenhouse gases, which is very important”, Kvrivishvili said.

Imamura Akira, the Japanese Ambassador to Georgia, said the effort was part of the Japanese Government’s goal to minimise emissions by 2050, which included an international push for decarbonising through advanced technologies and international cooperation.

“This is why we are happy to partner with Georgia. The purchase of these four vehicles is another strong demonstration of Georgia's commitment to climate change issues”, he said.