MPs commend State Security Service for “thwarting terrorism threats"

Parliament's Trust Group members on Wednesday hosted SSS officials. Photo: Parliament press office, 27 Dec 2023 - 14:30, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian MPs from the Trust Group, a domestic defence and security platform in the Parliament, expressed their appreciation on Wednesday for the "highly effective coordination” demonstrated by the country's State Security Service in “thwarting all terrorism threats".

The comments were made at a parliamentary session that involved the Service’s Deputy Head Levan Akhobadze and Counter-Terrorist Centre Director Bacha Mgeladze discussing international terrorism and the agency's counter-terrorism activities throughout the year, the Parliament press office said.

Irakli Beraia, the Chair of the Parliament's Defence and Security Committee and leader of the Trust Group, highlighted the country’s "prominent position" in combating terrorism in comments following the session. 

He claimed this was evidenced by indicators such as absence of domestic terrorist incidents, prevention of individuals departing for terrorist purposes, arrests and prosecutions related to terrorism, the existence of "robust legal and institutional frameworks", measures to bolster border security and "high-level" interagency coordination and international cooperation with “strategic partners”.

Beraia also said Trust Group members “thoroughly reviewed” the agency's strategies and priorities in the ongoing work against terrorism, noting the focus was put on "effective coordination" at both interagency and international levels, as well as on safeguarding the country from terrorism and providing a “sense of safety and security” for international partners.