Tourism Administration hosting promotional tour of Georgia for Forbes journalist

Photo: The Georgian National Tourism Administration, 15 Nov 2023 - 15:16, Tbilisi,Georgia

Stephan Rabimov, an American journalist and contributing editor at the business magazine Forbes, is visiting Georgia to explore the country’s tourism potential, the Georgian National Tourism Administration said on Wednesday.

Rabimov will use his impressions about the country’s attractions for an article on “artisanal heritage” of the country for the magazine.

Within the media tour organised by the GNTA, Rabimov has visited historical districts of capital Tbilisi and the western city of Kutaisi, where he was introduced to tourist destinations.

In the country’s Black Sea region of Adjara he visited the seaside city of Batumi, as well as the coastal town of Gonio, known for its historical coastal fort. Rabimov also had an opportunity to visit Adjara’s highland village of Dandalo in Keda municipality.

The journalist will use his impressions about Georgian culture, wine, cuisine and tourist attractions in the article for the magazine.