Georgian Railway resumes services to western cities after heavy rains cause suspension

Georgian Railway on Friday announced it was resuming its services between Tbilisi and Batumi and Tbilisi-Zugdidi. Photo: Georgian Railway, 30 Jun 2023 - 12:17, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Railway on Friday announced it was resuming its services between the capital city of Tbilisi and the western locations of Batumi and Zugdidi, after heavy rains in western regions caused a suspension in operations on Thursday.

The company said a “large amount of water” had overflowed from drainage wells in the vicinity of the Babi village in Kharagauli municipality and flooded a section of the tracks used for the services, in comments on the interruption.

It also noted a swollen river had flooded roads in Moliti, Vakhani, Leghvani and Tsipi administrative areas and “created problems for the population” and also caused soil near the tracks to collapse, in reports by Interpressnews.

While the services have now been restored, the company still warned about possible delays on other sections due to adverse weather.

It also noted passengers that had bought tickets for suspended services would have their full fares returned.