Three arrested for assaulting law enforcement in eastern Georgia

The Georgian Interior Ministry said the suspects face four to seven years in prison., 13 Apr 2023 - 13:51, Tbilisi,Georgia

Three individuals have been arrested for assaulting law enforcement officers in southeastern Georgia’s Marneuli region, the Interior Ministry said on Thursday. 

The body said the suspects, aged 20-21, had been observed being involved in dangerous driving on the road between the city of Marneuli and the village of Sadakhlo on Wednesday.

The driver of the vehicle disobeyed the law enforcement’s command to stop and attempted to evade the police, before his losing control led to the car rolling.

Law enforcement officers arriving at the scene were then assaulted and verbally abused by those in the vehicle, the Ministry said, with locals also appearing to interfere with police attempts to arrest the group.

The escaped offenders - the driver and two passengers - were later arrested following a police operation, and face four to seven years in prison for assault on law enforcement.