Georgian PM slams Zelenskyy for responding “destructive rally” in Tbilisi

  • The Georgian PM on Sunday responded to the Ukrainian president’s address to demonstrators in Tbilisi. Photo: Government press office, 12 Mar 2023 - 22:44, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili on Sunday criticized Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy for responding to a “destructive rally” in Tbilisi this week related to the controversial transparency bill on foreign influence. 

Speaking with Imedi TV, the PM stressed when a “person at war [with Russia] finds time to respond to a destructive rally in Tbilisi by several thousand people, this is direct evidence that he is involved, motivated to make something happen, change here”. 

Let me say in a few words that a very difficult situation exists in Ukraine. Greater escalation is expected and Ukraine is preparing certain counter-attacks, according to our information.  Very hard fights are most probably ahead in the Donetsk region at large and after claiming Bakhmut, the situation will become more difficult and escalation will grow. You mentioned the address made by Zelenskyy. Now, when a person at war finds time to comment on a destructive rally of several thousand people, it is clear evidence that he is vested and interested in something to happen here and cause a change." he said. 

Pointing to several Ukrainian politicians, citing them as “losers”, the PM highlighted the people were speaking about the “necessity of changes, coup” in Georgia, adding “this is a direct involvement”. 

You mentioned Ukrainian politicians. I do not want to list the names. Klitschko made an appearance. Some unclear persons spoke as well along with others, Ukrainian politicians, Arakhamia with some losers, who claim that change is needed and scenarios are rumored with a coup d’etat. It is a direct interference. I do not wish to go any further. Person is at war. I want to wish a timely completion of the war and peace, success and unification of the country to everyone. However, first take care of yourselves and your own country. We will take care of ours!” Garibashvili concluded.

Wishing Ukraine success, a “timely compilation” of the ongoing war and “peace”, Garibashvili told the Ukrainian politicians "let's first look after yourselves and your country and we will look after our country”. 

He also said “very complicated situation” was in Ukraine with the latter expected to also launch “certain counter-attacks” soon, adding “further escalation is expected”.

Garibashvili stressed his country had ensured more humanitarian aid for Ukraine than “any other state in the world”, and also supported the country “in all international formats”. 

“The Georgian Government has done its utmost in support of Ukraine. We have opened schools in the Ukrainian language. We, as a small country, have shown all our heart”, he said.