US Helsinki Commission hails “strong” support for Ukraine by Georgian Government

The authors of the statement particularly noted Georgia’s efforts in the face of “Russian threats” and the continuing occupation of Georgian territories by the country, and welcomed  recent statements by the President of Georgia and its Government in support of Ukraine. Photo:US Ambassy Tbilisi., 10 Mar 2022 - 12:56, Tbilisi,Georgia

Senator Ben Cardin, the Chairman of the United States Helsinki Commission, as well as Co-Chairman Congressman Steve Cohen, ranking members of the Commission Sen. Roger F. Wicker and Congressman Joe Wilson praised the “strong” support shown by the Georgian Government to Ukraine on Tuesday.

The assessment is part of a joint statement issued by the American officials on efforts of US allies and partners responding to Russia's war against Ukraine. In the text, the Senators and Congressmen thank Georgia for its co-sponsoring of the United Nations General Assembly resolution on the aggression against Ukraine, as well as for the country’s participation in the International Criminal Court's investigation into war crimes committed in Ukraine on the backdrop of the Russian invasion.