Hungarian PM praises Georgian counterpart as a “great fighter in politics” at dinner

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday held a second dinner in honour of Georgian prime minister Irakli Garibashvili. Photo: government of Georgia press office, 27 Oct 2022 - 19:03, Tbilisi,Georgia

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday praised his Georgian counterpart Irakli Garibashvili as a “great fighter in politics” who had managed to "retake the top post” after returning to politics, at a dinner held in honour of the visiting official and his delegation members in Budapest. 

“It is rare to find a good fighter in politics. If you look around, and I know what I say as I have been in politics for 30 years, you will see that if a politician fails once, their comeback is very unlikely", Orbán noted at the reception. 

There are only a few examples, and the Georgian prime minister is among them. He is serving as the prime minister for the second time. He has managed to return to politics and retake the top position”, said the Hungarian official. 

The head of the Hungarian government also said it was a “big honour” to host his counterpart and members of the delegation, and made a mention of “similarities” between Georgian and Hungarian history.