Georgian PM, European Commission president discuss implementation of EU membership status conditions

The conversation touched on Russia's aggression in Ukraine and its influence on Georgia, the region and the world in general, with Garibashvili highlighting the EU’s efforts to establish peace in the South Caucasus and reaffirming Georgia’s “readiness” to contribute to the mentioned process. Photo: Government administration, 06 Oct 2022 - 22:15, Tbilisi,Georgia

The process of implementation of the 12-point conditions outlined by the European Union for granting Georgia the membership candidate status was discussed on Thursday by the Georgian prime minister Irakli Garibashvili and Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission.

During the meeting, within the framework of the first session of the inaugural summit of the European Political Community in Prague, Garibashvili highlighted the “historic” decision by the European Council to grant Georgia the European perspective and noted that the country has been “doing everything” to take the next step towards joining the EU and getting the membership candidate status.

Photo: Government administration

Garibashvili said Georgia had “immediately” begun to implement the conditions and stressed that the “inclusive process” has allowed “all branches” of the government, as well as the opposition parties and civil society, to be “fully involved” in the implementation process, for which the working groups had been created, the government administration said.