Interior ministry vows purchase of 3 rescue helicopters, 30 fire engines by increased budget funding

The Georgian interior ministry on Friday commented on increased budget funds for the body, 30 Sep 2022 - 20:19, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian interior ministry on Friday said that along with the 20 percent increase in salaries of its personnel, additional budget funding would also allow the state body to purchase three helicopters for search and rescue operations, 30 fire engines and renovate its infrastructure. 

In its comments, coming on the heels of recent announcement of the prime minister Irakli Garibashvili over the increase in state funding for the law enforcement agencies and the defence ministry, the ministry stressed that the portion of the funds would also be spent on the ongoing construction of a residential block with 1,000 flats for police officers in Tbilisi.

The improvement of conditions for the country’s law enforcement officers remains a key priority for the ministry and the Georgian government”, said the body. 

The ministry noted that it would also update its armaments and material-technical base thanks to additional incomes. 

The head of the Georgian government said on Friday that a total of ₾290 million ($102mln) would be spent on increasing salaries for police officers, military and security personnel in Georgia by 20 percent next year. 

He said funding for the ministries of defence and internal affairs as well as the security service would be increased by ₾490 million ($173mln).

The PM noted public servant salaries had been raised by 10 percent in January, adding a similar increase would again be introduced in January 2023.