Police erect iron wall in Rioni Gorge amid protests against Namakhvani HPP

Demonstrators standing on the other side of the iron wall. Photo: Mtisambebi.ge.  

Agenda.ge, 14 Apr 2021 - 11:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian law enforcers have erected an iron wall in the Rioni River Gorge in western Georgia, in the village of Gumati earlier today to hamper the movement of demonstrators to the village of Namakhvani.

Locals have been protesting the construction of Namakhvani HPP by the Turkish company ENKA for 170 days on.

They have been based in tents in the village of Namakhvani until April 11, 2021.

Police removed the tents early on April 11 ‘because of possible threats of flooding.’ However, the demonstrators say that the government deliberately hampers a peaceful protest of people against the ‘cabal agreement between ENKA and the Georgian government which is against state interests and poses serious threats to the environment.’

People protesting the erection of the iron wall. Video: Publika.ge. 

Police detained six protesters at the local office of ENKA near Kutaisi late yesterday for disobedience to police and blocking the road.

The demonstrators went there earlier yesterday, from the village of Gumati, to call for the company not to build the Namakhvani HPP in Georgia.

The demonstrators are now in the village of Gumati and demanding a free movement to the village of Namakhvani.

They say that it is their ‘constitutional right’ to use the route.