Online courses of Georgian made available for ethnic minority school students

  • The new BTU project comes under the university's 5.0 initiative for educational technology. Photo via Business and Technology University., 19 Feb 2021 - 16:12, Tbilisi,Georgia

An online course of Georgian language has been made available for ethnic minority students of primary schools in the south of the country, in a project by the Tbilisi-based Business and Technology University.

For school-age residents of the cities of Marneuli and Ninotsminda, which feature majority populations with Azerbaijani and Armenian ethnic background respectively, the university has launched free courses of Georgian using the Lingwing online platform.

The platform features courses for a number of languages including Georgian, which has been developed specifically for ethnic minorities in the country, BTU said in their reveal of the initiative.

The learning program on LINGWING.COM has been created based on EU Standards, which is the guarantee of quick and quality results" - Lingwing

Lingwing courses feature material dubbed by native speakers to enable students to learn relevant levels of fluency, and involve technical means such as speech-to-text conversion to allow for simpler acquisition of grammar.

The project, coming under BTU's 5.0 initiative for educational technology, will seek to contribute to efforts to raise Georgian language literacy in locations with ethnic minorities, where locals often only speak in their native tongue, leading to limited access to resources and integration opportunities.