Georgian language taught in Turkish schools

Georgian Education Ministry also participated in creating Georgian language study book for Turkish schools. Photo by Ministry of Education., 26 Sep 2014 - 16:58, Tbilisi,Georgia

Learning Georgian in any Turkish school is now possible in selected grades if more than 10 pupils wish to learn the ancient Caucasian language.

Turkish students in the 5th to 8thGrades are eligible to learn Georgian thanks to a Turkish Ministry of Education-approved initiative. The scheme could see students taught Georgian for 244 hours during the school year.

The Embassy of Georgia in Turkey shared this news on its official Facebook page and congratulated all ethnic Georgians in Turkey on this "historical” decision. It gratefully thanked the Turkish Government for its support and encouragement.

Georgian Ambassador to Turkey Irakli Koplatadze said three schools throughout Turkey were ready to make the most of this opportunity and immediately begin teaching Georgian in its schools.

The initiative derived from Georgian diaspora in Turkey. The House of Georgian Culture in Turkey took part in creating the Georgian language program and learning book for Turkish schools.

It is believed up to 1 million Georgian historical immigrants live in Turkey. Official data on the number of ethnic Georgians who now live in Turkey was unavailable.