EU delegation head: 'abolition' of State Inspector's Service 'bears risks' for Georgian democracy

  • Ruiz pointed out that the EU took part in the creation of the Inspector's Service. Photo: EU Delegation to Georgia, 28 Dec 2021 - 23:20, Tbilisi,Georgia

Acting Head of the EU Delegation to Georgia Asuncion Sanchez Ruiz has said that 'abolishing' the State Inspector's Service 'bears high risks' for the country's democracy.

The Georgian majority MPs put forward a bill proposing to replace the State Inspector's Service by two new agencies – the Special Investigation Service and the Personal Data Protection Service, which will be authorised to investigate offences committed by authorities and to monitor personal data processing, respectively.

Ruiz pointed out that the EU took part in the creation of the Inspector's Service and invested 'substantial financial and human resources' in its development.

We are, therefore, very disappointed to see these actions, and regret the fact that it has not proved possible for EU representatives to engage with the Parliament on this matter, she added.

Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Dunja Mijatovic has also called on the Georgian Parliament to refrain from adopting the bill aiming to 'abolish' the Inspector's Service 'without proper consultation.'

If adopted, this draft law can only weaken the independent functioning of the national human rights protection mechanisms in Georgia, Mijatovic said.

The ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party MP Mamuka Mdinaradze explained earlier that the GD proposed splitting the State Inspector’s Service into two agencies because the investigative and personal data protection functions are ‘not compatible with each other.’ 

The GD maintains that the proposed changes will strengthen both the investigative and the personal data protection mechanisms in the country.