PM Garibashvili says split of Inspector’s Service means more independence, transparency, rights for agencies

Garibashvili also praised State Inspector Londa Toloraia, calling her ‘qualified and experienced staff’ and offering her a position in the governmental structures. Photo: Government of Georgia press office., 28 Dec 2021 - 11:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has stated that a recent ruling Georgian Dream party backed initiative to divide the State Inspector’s Service into two new agencies will strengthen the bodies and provide them with more independence, transparency and rights. 

Georgian majoritarian MPs submitted a bill yesterday in parliament per which the State Inspector's Service would be split into the Special Investigation Service, which will be authorised to investigate offences committed by the authorities and the Personal Data Protection Service, which will be responsible for monitoring personal data processing.

PM Garibashvili told TV channel Imedi that it is the government’s prerogative to carry out reforms and improve institutions, noting that the parliament is doing nothing illegal by accelerating the process of reviewing the bill.

I know that by the end of the month parliament is trying to close all the current issues because as you know there are holidays before the spring session opens. Therefore, perhaps this is why the legislative body is working in a fast manner,” Garibashvili said.  

He also praised State Inspector Londa Toloraia, calling her ‘qualified and experienced staff’ and offering her a position in the governmental structures. 

Tolordava stated yesterday that the new initiative of the MPs is a 'punishment of the service for its independence,’ noting that ‘the State Inspector’s Service managed to become an independent state agency.’ 

Despite the fact that we have had numerous obstacles, the team of the service through conscientious work managed to establish itself as an independent state authority and gained public trust. After two years of its establishment, the work of the service is positively assessed by the international as well as local organisations,” Tolordava said

She called on the parliament to ‘cease the process of abolishment’ of the State Inspector’s Service and to initiate and discuss legislative amendments proposed by the body itself. 

The GD states that both the investigative and personal data protection agencies will be strengthened as a result of the changes, noting that per the bill additional functions are added to the body. 

The State Inspector’s Service has received a total of 5,523 notifications with eight police officers having been convicted over the last two years.