US: no security talks with Russia possible without involvement of European allies

“Any dialogue, any diplomacy has to be based on the principles of reciprocity; it has to address our concerns about Russia’s actions; and importantly, it has to take place in full coordination with our allies and partners in Europe,” Price stated. Photo: US Embassy in Georgia., 23 Dec 2021 - 11:48, Tbilisi,Georgia

US Department of State Spokesperson Ned Price has stated that the US is ready to engage diplomatically with Russia through multiple channels including the NATO-Russia Council, however, noted that there will be no talks with Russia on European security without ‘our European allies and partners.’ 

The statement comes after the Russian Foreign Ministry put forward two proposals on ‘security guarantees’ between Russia, the US and NATO, which include restrictions on troop, ship, and aircraft deployments for both NATO and Russia, as well limits to the deployment of intermediate and short-range missiles abroad.