Salome Jashi's prized documentary 'Taming the Garden' coming to German, Swiss cinemas

'Taming the Garden' was picked as one of 15 European documentaries recommended for nomination for the European Film Awards, set to be presented this month. Image via European Film Awards., 01 Dec 2021 - 15:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

Filmmaker Salome Jashi's award-winning documentary Taming the Garden - praised at Sundance Film Festival for "astonishing cinematic style" - is set to debut for cinephiles in Germany and Switzerland starting on Thursday.

Opening at 22 cinema theatres in 16 German cities - from capital Berlin, to Munich in the south and Cologne in the west - Jashi's feature-length work will bring to film-goers a look of the director at residents of a seaside locality in Georgia and their reactions to the sudden development of century-old trees being uprooted from the surroundings.


Praised at Sundance for her "shrewdly observant eye" and distinguished with awards at Cinema du reel and UNAM film festivals, the director was also honoured for Taming the Garden with a shortlisting for this year's European Film Awards.

Selected for the European Documentary section of the prize organised by the European Film Academy, the film is in contention ahead of the awards ceremony in Berlin later this month.

While the list of cinema halls in Germany that will host screenings of the work is known, the information on Swiss sessions is expected to be revealed soon.