Two workers trapped by collapsed coal mass in Georgia's west [updated]

Locals seen gathering around the open-pit construction where the coal mass reportedly collapsed on Saturday afternoon, trapping two individuals. Photo via Interpressnews agency., 27 Nov 2021 - 15:08, Tbilisi,Georgia

Update 17:44:

Georgia's Emergency Management Service has said its rescue crews have reached one of the two workers trapped in the disintegrated "land mass" and are working to transport him to safety.

The agency said the individual was "responsive", adding a search was still ongoing to find the second worker who found himself under the collapsing pile.

The update from the Service also said the mass had collapsed as the two workers were reinforcing structures of the open-pit mine.


Two workers have been reportedly trapped in a collapse of a coal mass in the industrial city of Tkibuli in Georgia's west on Saturday.

Reporting on the incident that took place in the afternoon local time, Georgian news agencies said two individuals were suspected to be under the collapsed pile.

Interpressnews agency cited locals as saying they could hear calls for help from one of the workers, from under the mass.

The incident has happened at a private, open-pit mining site near the city, located about 35 km north-east of the Imereti regional capital of Kutaisi.