Labour Inspection: blasting operation in Tkibuli mine carried out “in violation of safety rules”

  • One miner died and eight more were injured in a coal mine explosion in western Georgia's Tkibuli town late at night on January 30. Photo:, 31 Jan 2022 - 16:47, Tbilisi,Georgia

Preliminary investigation has shown the blasting operation was carried out in violation of safety rules in the Tkibuli town mine in Georgia’s west, where an explosion claimed the life of one worker and injured eight others, the Labour Inspection Service of Georgia has said.

The incident took place late during the night of January 30, with the labour service noting the concentration of methane in the air exceeded the allowable norm during the blasting works in the mine.

Drilling and blasting operations are prohibited at concentrations of more than one percent methane. The second paragraph of the technical regulations was also violated, according to which the blasting works must be carried out under direct supervision of the technical supervisor,” the statement from the inspection agency said.

The body also added investigation showed the “responsible person was not present at the time of the incident.” 

The inspection service has ordered a stop of the blasting works and closed the area of the incident off for the duration of its investigation.