Central Election Commission urges parties, organisation not to spread disinformation

The Georgian Central Election Commission says spreading false information on the electoral process is harmful for the election environment on the municipal election day.

Agenda.ge, 02 Oct 2021 - 10:15, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Central Election Commission (CEC) has dismissed reports by the Civic Election Commission movement that Kutaisi district election commission forgot to send election registrators’ seals to polling stations. 

CEC says that it is false information and that all polling stations in the western city of Kutaisi have opened without any obstacles. 

The Central Election Commission also stated that the same  movement released another fake information that the ninth polling station had not been opened in Lagodekhi, eastern Georgia. 

CEC has called upon every party involved in the elections to refrain from spreading false or unchecked information which may pose threats to the electoral environment.

The Civic Election Commission is a new initiative founded by Shame civic movement and Public Initiative Association for the October 2 municipal elections. 

The initiative ‘aims at informing the public on election issues and maximal involvement of voters in the electoral process.’