Businessman says he stands behind ‘bloody’ opposition billboards

The billboard depicting opposition leaders and media managers reads:‘No to Natsis (‘Natsis’ is a short, in a way derogatory form of the opposition United National Movement), No to evil, No to betrayal’. Photo: Elene Khoshtaria/Facebook, 18 Sep 2021 - 15:11, Tbilisi,Georgia

Businessman Mikheil Gabriadze has told Rustavi 2 TV that he and his friends stand behind ‘bloody’ billboards depicting opposition politicians. 

Claiming that he does not belong to any political party, Gabriadze said the former ruling party – United National Movement – which is now the largest opposition party, should not return to power.

This is the personal position and decision of me and my friends”, the businessman told Rustavi 2. 

Elene Khoshtaria, leader of Droa movement, who runs for City Council (Sakrebulo) chair on behalf of the united opposition has condemned the billboards.