Mtavari Arkhi TV accuses ruling party of attacking cameraman, latter denies

Levan Ablotia, who was taken to local hospital, has several bruises and fractures., 15 Sep 2021 - 21:47, Tbilisi,Georgia

Opposition-minded Mtavari Arkhi reported earlier today that its cameraman Levan Ablotia was thrown out of the second floor of the ruling Georgian Dream party headquarters in Kareli, in Shida Kartli region.

Journalist Beka Korshia, who accompanied the cameraman, says the ruling party representatives were hostile from the very beginning.

[When] we came to the Georgian Dream headquarter in Kareli, we were met with aggression, there was also a physical confrontation; we have everything recorded. He was indeed thrown out. Police came very late. I was also the subject of physical offense”, Beka Korshia told Mtavari Arkhi TV.

However, ruling party mayoral candidate in Kareli, Zaza Guliashvili denies the accusations, saying Levan Ablotia was not thrown out from the balcony, but instead fell down the stairs himself.

Ruling party MP Mamuka Mdinaradze also stated that journalist Beka Korshia was trying to ‘stage cameraman were forced to leave the headquarters, when the latter fell down the stairs.

Ablotia, who was taken to local hospital, has several bruises and fractures. The investigation is underway.provocation’ by assaulting ruling party representatives. Mdinaradze said, this is why he and the