Georgian climbers ascent unclimbed peak Saraghrar NW of Mount Hindu Kush

Archil Badriashvili is the expedition leader of the Georgian team. Photo: Husseil Ahmed/, 14 Sep 2021 - 15:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

Three Georgian mountaineers Archil Badriashvili, Giorgi Tepnadze and Baqar Gelashvili have ascended the unclimbed peak Saraghrar North West (7,300m.) of the Hindu Kush mountain range located in Central and South Asia.

Although the Georgian climbers have not enjoyed a lot of press, they have an impressive background of highly technical new routes and first ascents,” reports

Explorersweb says that the Spanish expeditions have tried to ascent the peak of Saraghrar North West at least three times before Georgians climbed it.

Georgian climbers team now is willing to help three other Pakistani-Czech climbers stranded in Mount Rakaposhi in Pakistan. Photo: 

Archil Badriashvili, who is leading the Georgian team of climbers, shared his team’s desire with Explorersweb to help rescue the mountaineers trapped at 6,900m. of Rakaposhi Mount. 

Attempts to rescue the stranded climbers from Rakaposhi’s peak have been unsuccessful so far due to bad weather. 

Explorersweb reports that Pakistani climber Wajidullah Nagri is in a good condition while two other Czech mountaineers Jakub Vlcek and Peter Macek ‘are not in a good state.’

The website reports that the Georgian climbers currently are in their base camp in Chitral (a town in Pakistan located on the Chitral River) which is ‘very far from Rakaposhi.’

The Georgian mountaineers arrived in Pakistan on August 16.