Delivery company Glovo couriers hold rally demanding better working conditions

  • During the rally, the Glovo application was off and customers could not make an order. Photo: screenshot/TV Pirveli., 29 Jan 2021 - 18:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

Couriers of delivery company Glovo have held a rally at the company office in Tbilisi complaining about working conditions and demanding an increase in salaries.

Glovo couriers told Netgazeti that their main demand for company management is to reduce waiting times at restaurants, to increase tariffs for miles they travel by bicycle or moped, and changes in the bonus system.

One of the employees of the delivery company told the media that working conditions did not meet the promises given by the company management before they started to work.

The company management has been telling us [couriers] for a long time that they will make some changes… The company gives 2.40 GEL per delivery to a courier as of now, though earlier, before the pandemic, the tariff for the order was from three to 4 GEL. When orders are cancelled by customers, couriers have to travel free of charge. Also, we are obliged to work at midnight, as many orders are made at this time. Some couriers have no permit to move around the city after 9 p.m., when restrictions on movement start in the city due to the pandemic”, one of the couriers told Netgazeti.

Glovo employees also said that when they wanted to talk to the company management team, they were told to leave the company if they do not like the working conditions.

Couriers also stated that most of them had to take out debts and loans as they thought they would receive the allegedly promised higher salaries.

A representative from the company later offered the couriers to meet on February 10 in order to discuss and solve the existing problems.

During the rally, the Glovo application was off and customers could not make orders.