EU Ambassador calls for reopening occupied Tskhinvali crossing points after 2-year closure

  • De facto Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) officials closed the Odzisi crossing-point connecting the region with the rest of Georgia in 2019. Photo: Erik Hoeg/Twitter, 5 Sep 2021 - 11:04, Tbilisi,Georgia

European Union Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell calls on the de facto authorities in the Russian-occupied Georgian region of Tskhinvali and the Russian Federation to allow for the reopening of all crossing points’ at the occupation line.

Ambassador Hartzell said that today marks the two-year anniversary of the closing of the Odzisi crossing point prior to which, ‘up to 400 crossings would take place on average every day’.

For the past two years, ethnic Georgian residents of the Akhalgori District have been unable to cross and meet their relatives, collect their pensions or exercise their right to education in their native language”, Carl Hartzell said.

Further, access to medical care has been hampered, while reports of food and medicine shortages persist. In this regard, the recent easing of procedures regulating medical crossings from the Akhalgori District has been a welcomed development”, he added.

Noting that the ‘EU is confident that a sensible and adequate COVID-19 testing strategy can be implemented in order to allow for greater freedom of movement’, the EU Ambassador said ‘the EU Monitoring mission stands ready to facilitate further discussions within the framework of the Ergneti IPRM’.

De facto Tskhinvali officials close the Odzisi crossing-point connecting the region with the rest of Georgia on September 5, 2019.