US Ambassador Degnan hopes EU-mediated agreement will remain in force despite ruling party’s withdrawal

She underscored that every official statement shows how disappointed the partners of Georgia are by the ruling party’s decision. Photo: US Embassy in Georgia/Facebook., 01 Aug 2021 - 18:05, Tbilisi,Georgia

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan stated earlier today that she hopes the EU-mediated agreement will remain in force despite the ruling Georgian Dream party’s recent withdrawal from it. 

Georgian Dream annulled its signatory status to the April 19 agreement which resolved the political crisis in Georgia caused by parliamentary elections of 2020 and proposed fundamental electoral and judicial reforms. 

Ambassador Degnan noted that the idea and value of the agreement was the political parties’ pledge to implement the reforms, noting that Georgia needs ‘multiparty reforms that all of the leaders elected by Georgia’s voters can pursue and advance,’ said Degnan. 

It is our hope that the agreement can continue to provide a kind of a structure, a framework for the parties to work together. Unilateral reforms are not what Georgia needs,” said US Ambassador Degnan. 

She also stated that it is early to talk about sanctions ‘until there is a lack of good faith to fulfil the commitments that were made by the signatories to this agreement.'

US Ambassador Degnan once again called on both non-signatory parties to join the agreement and signatory parties to fulfil it. 

She underscored that every official statement shows how disappointed the partners of Georgia are by the ruling party’s decision. 

Ambassador Degnan also discussed the upcoming local elections in Georgia and noted that significant electoral reforms have been implemented as a result of the agreement. 

They [reforms] provide the opportunity for these elections in October to be an improvement over previous elections. They must do the required training,” said Ambassador Degnan. 

The international community as well as US Embassy to Georgia has harshly criticised the Georgian government for the withdrawal from the EU-mediated agreement and called on all political parties to work together for Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration. 

Several opposition political parties claimed that they might boycott the upcoming local municipal elections due to the ruling party’s recent decision to annul the agreement.

Libertarian opposition leader Zurab Japaridze and head of opposition United National Movement (UNM) party Nika Melia left Georgian parliament.