EU Council President: 'I promise you EU will remain strong, reliable partner'

Charles Michel said that the EU stands by 'you in full solidarity' and will support the countries to overcome challenges as 'we want stability and resilience in the interest of our citizens together with partners'. Photo: President's press office., 19 Jul 2021 - 18:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

President of the European Council Charles Michel has delivered a speech titled 'Three Nations - One Choice: Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine on the Move' at the Batumi International Conference today in which he outlined three main priorities for the future.

The three priorities are:

  1. A 'huge and unprecedented' economic investment package with concrete flagship initiatives for each partner country. This economic and investment plan will be supported by €2.3 billion with the potential to mobilise €17 billion in public and private investments for the region.
  2. Connectivity: 'our partnership will improve transport links and infrastructure by 2030.’
  3. Reforms: 'good governance is the key to unlock the benefits that liberal democracy could bring. This means unhesitatingly promoting the rule of law, the  independence of the judiciary and fighting corruption'.

See the full speech here: