12 detained while trying to disrupt Tbilisi Pride events

  • Violent homophobic groups attempted to attack on local activists and foreign guests, who have openly expressed their support and solidarity to Tbilisi Pride. Photo: Mzia Saganelidze/RFERL

Agenda.ge, 1 Jul 2021 - 23:56, Tbilisi,Georgia

Twelve individuals have been detained earlier today for trying to disrupt film screening on the first day of Tbilisi Pride.

Tbilisi Pride, a civic movement which opposes homo/transphobia and fights to overcome it through exercising the constitutional right of assembly and manifestation, has scheduled Tbilisi Pride for July 1-5.

Tbilisi Pride has tweeted:

The Georgian Interior Ministry has released a statement earlier today, promising to ensure the safety measures during the pride by maintaining the rule of law and ensuring the right to the freedom of expression and assembly of each person.

The interior ministry has tweeted:

Georgian Public Defender Nino Lomjaria said that the statements made by far-right and violent groups, containing threats against the LGBT+ community and their supporters, need special attention and appropriate legal response.

Foreign officials have meanwhile expressed their support and solidarity to Tbilisi Pride.

European Union lead spokesperson Peter Stano has tweeted:

Ambassador of the United Kingdom Mark Clayton says 'the right to live with dignity, free from violence & discrimination is universal'.

Ambassador of France Diego Colas has meanwhile hailed a 'very professional handling of the evening by law enforcement'. 

Queer activists and a co-founder of Tbilisi Pride Tamaz Sozashvili has thanked everyone for support on the first day of the pride amid the violence from homophobic groups.