Artist Anushka Chkheidze in European Independent Album of the Year Award nomination

  • The 22-year-old is one of Georgian scene's recognised creatives of the past few years. Photo via Anushka Chkheidze artist page on Facebook., 20 Jan 2021 - 18:46, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian artist Anushka Chkheidze is one of 25 names nominated for the Independent Music Companies Association (IMPALA)'s European Independent Album of the Year Award for 2020.

One of the recognised names of the latest generation of electronic and experimental music producers from the Georgian scene, Chkheidze is on the association's yearly nomination thanks to her debut album Halfie, released by the label of the Tbilisi-based Creative Education Studio, of which the young artist is a graduate.

The eight-track electro and techno release has been praised for being "well though[t] [out] and intelligent" by Amsterdam's Rush Hour record store, which named Halfie as one of Top 25 Albums of 2020 last month.

A summary for the IMPALA nominations said the selection of 25 releases "showcases how Europe’s independent music sector is thriving in diversity", and described it as "an impressive advert for the European independent music sector and the creativity of Europe’s artists".

For Chkheidze, the shortlisting follows recognition of her work in Georgia and abroad over the recent years, including the Tsinandali Award for Music last year, and a feature on the artist - alongside her fellow female producers from Georgia - by The Calvert Journal in 2019.

Georgian music acts have been on IMPALA shortlists before, with experimental hip-hop band KayaKata nominated for the European Independent Album of the Year Award in 2020.