EU VP, US State Department spokespeople call on Georgian MPs to sign EU-proposed agreement

  • The ruling Georgian Dream party and the opposition will hold a meeting today. Photo: EU Delegation/Twitter acrhive, 18 Apr 2021 - 16:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

Spokespeople of the High Representative of the European Union/Vice-President of European Commission and the United States Department of State call on all members of the parliament of Georgia to sign the agreement that President of the European Council Charles Michel will propose today.

Noting that this is an agreement all members should sign 'in good faith', the US and the EU officials say that 'unilateral statements undermine achieving the goal of a broad based agreement'.

The institutional reforms in the agreement represent important progress for Georgia’s democratic development and are of significant benefit for its citizens, helping to create a more independent judiciary, stronger electoral processes and a Parliament that can better reflect the voices of all the people of Georgia”, the statement reads.

It also notes that accepting this compromise ‘demonstrates wisdom and a commitment by all parties to put the needs of the citizens of Georgia first, ahead of the interests of any one political party’.

The authors of the statement also note that after nearly six months of negotiations, the citizens of Georgia ‘have made clear that they want the political stalemate to end’ and all elected MPs work together in the legislation to address the serious challenges facing the country, including the regional challenges, Covid-19 and the economic crisis.

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The ruling Georgian Dream party has recently signed the EU-proposed agreement - A way ahead for Georgia - aimed to end the current political crisis in Georgia and advance the country's democratic and rule of law agenda through political, judicial and anti-corruption reform. 

However, the opposition politicians, who do not want to take up their parliamentary mandates claiming the last year's elections were rigged, refuse to sign the document if the release of 'political prisoners' and holding of snap elections are not included in the negotiation agenda. 

The ruling party and opposition is expected to meet later today for the first time since the EU-mediation led by Charles Michel's special envoy Christian Danielsson has failed in late March.