Georgia to further strengthen defence capabilities in 2021

  • Irakli Gharibashvili inroduced the defence vision of the government programme to parliament today. Photo: Defence Ministry press office, 22 Dec 2020 - 23:54, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Defence Minister nominee Irakli Gharibashvili said the country will further strengthen its defence capabilities in 2021.

Gharibashvili stated at the parliamentary hearing earlier today that the defence forces will be equipped with operational and tactical unmanned reconnaissance and combat drones as well as continue renewal of the air fleet

Introducing the defence vision of the new government programme Gharibashvili said Georgia aims to purchase more anti-tank Javelin missiles as well.

He meanwhile noted that in 2021 the Georgian defence forces will be equipped in full line with the NATO standards which includes M4 rifles - a modern, American-designed weapon. 

In his report Gharibashvili also spoke of Georgia's strategic partnership with NATO and its allies.

Georgia has never had such a high-level of political and practical support from NATO", he said adding that the country remains committed to the NATO guidance to spend 2 percent of its GDP on defence.

Meanwhile, Gharibashvili underscored that Georgia will continue to participate in NATO and EU-led international missions aimed to ensure global peace and stability.