Georgian Defence Forces unit returns from Afghan peacekeeping deployment

The GDF unit served in Kabul for base security and force protection tasks. Photo via Ministry of Defence of Georgia., 17 Dec 2020 - 15:27, Tbilisi,Georgia

A company-sized unit of Georgian peacekeepers returned from the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan earlier today after serving in a six-month deployment in Kabul alongside their NATO partners.

Touching down at the Tbilisi International Airport on a United States Air Force military transport aircraft, the 1st Infantry Brigade company returned without casualties after serving in the Afghan city under US command.

Commanded by Major Anton Kutateladze, the unit was welcomed in the Georgian capital by Deputy Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces and Chief of General Staff Brigadier General Joni Tatunashvili and Head of the Eastern Command Colonel Roland Dzneladze.

In Kabul the company served to provide base security and force protection tasks with the alliance's mission.