Tbilisi int’l film festival goes online amid coronavirus

Kicking off on November 30 Tbilisi International Film Festival will close on December 20. Photo:  TIFF/Facebook

Agenda.ge, 29 Nov 2020 - 12:29, Tbilisi,Georgia

Tbilisi International Film Festival (TIFF), which is an annual event offering films, masterclasses and other industrial events for cinema-lovers, will be held online this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Kicking off on November 30, TIFF will show 20 new feature films which will be available on a Festival Scoop platform for free.

A film by Agnieszka Holland Charlatan is inspired by the true story of herbalist Jan Mikolasek, who dedicated his life to caring for the sick in spite of the immense obstacles he faced in his private and public life:

Apart from the films which will be shown between December 14-20 the festival offers a variety of master classes, workshops and panel discussions via Zoom for those interested in cinematography. 

Director of the festival Gaga Chkheidze says the cinema-goers usually gather at Amirani cinema in Tbilisi and spend the entire week watching films. 

However, he said despite being held virtually this year, Tbilisi International Film Festival is offering an interesting program worth following.