Fire extinguished in Ateni Gorge

Fires were reported in the Ateni Gorge on December 24. Photo: Emergency Management Service press office., 27 Dec 2019 - 17:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

Fires in the Ateni Gorge of Georgia, Kvemo Kartli region, have been extinguished after a four-day effort from about 300 firefighters, the Georgian Emergency Management Service reported earlier today.

Two helicopters from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia were involved in the operation, and they carried out 97 flights to put out the fire, the agency said.

Photo from Ateni Gorge by Emergency Management Service press office.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Ioseb Chelidze and head of the Emergency Management Service Temur Mgebrishvili were present at the scene, as well as the officials of the local government. 

The Emergency Management Service has called upon shepherds and hunters to exercise “maximum caution” in order to prevent fires, as warm weather has caused the lower layers of the forests to become dry and catch fire easily.