Tbilisi-based Khmaladze Architects project among 2019 best drawings

The drawing for the Khmaladze Architects project that was picked for the ArchDaily award. Image via ArchDaily.

Agenda.ge, 26 Dec 2019 - 16:46, Tbilisi,Georgia

An award-winning project by Tbilisi-based Khmaladze Architects group has been named among Best Architecture Drawings of the year by ArchDaily, a major online platform on the subject of architecture and design.

Their Coffee Production Plant project, designed for a Tbilisi setting, is one of nearly 80 works curated by a team from submissions in what has become an annual custom for the publication for the past five years.

Comprised of the "finest work" from designers who sent in their drawings, the list is seen by ArchDaily as a tool for "sharing architectural ideas, visions, and designs". It encompasses works from the likes of BLVD International and Safdie Architects and architect José Pena.