Reconciliation Minister says doctor Vazha Gaprindashvili will be released from Tskhinvali custody soon

Doctors plan to hold a demonstration at 12 p.m. on Monday, November 18 in front of their workplaces to protest the illegal detention of their colleague., 17 Nov 2019 - 22:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian State Minister of Reconciliation and Civil Equality Ketevan Tsikhelashvili said Vazha Gaprindashvili, a doctor who​​​​​ was recently sentenced to two-month pretrial detention by de facto Tskhinvali authorities, will be released in a few days.

According to our information, Vazha Gaprindashvili will be released in a few days. Now all efforts are aimed at ensuring that he returns to his family as soon as possible – to his wife, Mrs. Tamila, and his daughters, whom I visited yesterday. He will return to his professional career, which he always highly performs. He treated both Ossetian and Abkhaz patients. He has made Hippocrates Oath. I am sure, by the principles of human dignity and civility he will be able to continue this work very soon," Tsikhelashvili said.

A number of officials and organisations, including President Salome Zurabishvili and the United States Embassy to Georgia, have expressed their support to Vazha Gaprindashvili, who was reportedly visiting a patient when he was abducted.