60 more public order officers to appear in Old Tbilisi

The officers will initially cover all districts in Tbilisi and then Georgian regions. Photo: The Ministry of Internal Affairs

Agenda.ge, 16 Oct 2019 - 15:31, Tbilisi,Georgia

An additional 60 public order officers have started working today to prevent crime in Old Tbilisi, announces the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

A public order officer is a model of a community-oriented approach to policing, which is an effective tool for crime prevention worldwide.

The responsibility of the public order officer is to respond to problems and challenges related to domestic violence, neighborhood disputes, illegal migration and vulnerable groups.

The institution of public order officers is aimed at community-oriented approaches and policing. Photo: The Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The functions and responsibilities of public order officer also include:

  • Planning and implementation of crime prevention activities
  • Gathering information, systematization and primary processing
  • Proceeding of administrative offences
  • Response to the crime committed
  • Working with relevant governmental or non-governmental agencies in order to plan joint preventive measures

Public order officers have worked only in Vake-Saburtalo district up until now. 

The newly-appointed public order officers have been selected based on an open competition, testing, interviews and physical training.

Public order officers will soon appear in all districts of Tbilisi and later, throughout Georgia.